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J()K3R application for membership

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1J()K3R application for membership Empty J()K3R application for membership on Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:44 pm

Hello, i've been playing here continously everyday and really enjoy the server and playing with members of AiC, so i decided to put in my application. Hoping for your consideration.

Name:JOKER <PN()Y>
Location:Pensacola Beach, Florida

Been playing pretty much since 2000, been in a couple of clans and admin on some, so i know what is expected of me and of players in the server. Pretty good at catching hackers and being fair about gameplay.
I work from home so i pretty much play CS all the time.(it doesn't show but it's my addiction, i have PS3, Xbox360, and the Wii but i spend most of my time on here. Thanks for your time...

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