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Unjust ban

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1Unjust ban Empty Unjust ban on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:07 pm

In-game name: puta prostituta
The admin that banned you: i don't know
The map: Aztec (Classic server)
Reason for ban: i don't know
Your side of the story: i got banned all of a sudden. i might have made a few kills in a row, but i wasn't doing anything extraordinary that would arise doubts of hacking. i actually thought it was some glitch, but i was told on another server to come and apply for unban. all i know for sure is that i got kicked with reason: "added to the ban list".
IP/Steam id: i don't know, im no steam.

when can i play again? i see a lot of complaints and unban appeals and yet no one is really addressing any of them for days!

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