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Ban Appeal from AiC Classic

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1Ban Appeal from AiC Classic Empty Ban Appeal from AiC Classic on Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:36 pm

  • In-game name: Talon
  • The admin that banned you: (unknown, all I see is you've been banned!)
  • The map: de_dust2
  • Reason for ban: must have thought I was hacking
  • Your side of the story: I play a lot, and I like to scout, I was on the map, as a T and ct's were storming the front ramp, there were too many to take on from T spawn ramp so I shifted down the ramp towards A side entrance and went to look to the left, and BOOM, BANNED! I was clearly not doing so hot, nor was my score that impressive, yet I was banned. I run Debian Squeeze 64bit and run Counter-Strike 1.6 in WINE, I don't even play on windows so how can I possibly load hacks? Heck, I'll even run my desktop session recorder and show you real time how my screen looks and works! I'm decent, i'm no hacker!
  • IP/Steam id:

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