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Hello There AIC :D

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1Hello There AIC :D Empty Hello There AIC :D on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:18 pm

HEllo All its 2Lazy or you guys know me as EMpire or Music on Aic Classic And Colloseum, My Name Is Kevin, Ive been playing For A very long time and have some League Exp. I was in A League tourny A few months back but I Stoped playing Cs, but Before i left I Played In your Servers and Got to Meet Some Awesome ppl, Some Are gone Now but it Still Was Fun. I Just started playing Again maybe about 2 weeks ago and Been Playing In Aic Servers Mostly and Meet Some New Cool cats Like Mood and havix , And got to Meet Cis. I love playing With you All and Hope Maybe In the near Future When i earn your guys Trust, I can Help You guys with These Annoying hackers XD. cheers

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