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banned from aic classic

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1banned from aic classic Empty banned from aic classic on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:52 pm

In-game name:buller
The admin that banned you: maybe chew not 100%
The map:cpl_mill
Reason for ban:accuse of hacks i assume
Your side of the story: i didnt spam walls or anything dont know reason for ban. was asked before if i wall. i dont. i play for fun to relieve stress.. not to hack and waste my time and yours.. i was admin at a comunity for 4 years then quit for a bit.. i understand how it all goes. i dont hack i have one steam id and im not gonna get it banned for walling or aimbotting in a pub. i have been invited a few times to come scrim and whatnot in aic members.i get along pretty good with everyone here.
IP/Steam id:"buller" 6651 STEAM_0:1:4279915

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