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Hey Guys!, You guys Should know me as Pikaboo Rawr or Toodlez , I play in All the Aic servers all the time and have Several if not all the admin under my friendslist. Ive played in Aic Servers For more then a year , maybe even when it started, I play League and My team just won Cevo Main , unfortunatly my Clan leader is On leave and he had to move so he hasnt been playing for Couple months and ive been Playing in Aic servers like crazy. I talkd to Joker about it a while back and Mentioned it To Ciss and some others that I wanted to Join AIC Pub team and Play in your servers wiht you guys and still League with my other clan empire , So i was thinking of like a tag like this AIC | name#empire.
Ciss Told me To Write An App And See What All you guys think.

Hope to hear Back cheers

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