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banned again

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1banned again Empty banned again on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:32 pm

In-game name: kt|ravens
The admin that banned you: Chew
The map: de_dust2
Reason for ban: dont really know
Your side of the story: Shot Chewe in the face with a scoutlooking at him in speedway from ct middle and he said "i dont care who that was im banning them" and then i was kicked and banned. This is the secound time i have been banned by him and only him. The first time he accused me of cheating but i dont so it was overturned, ive played in this server almost everyday and dont have problems with any of the admins and know alot of them and they can tell you i dont hack. I play esea after i play in the aic server with former teamates who ive played in esea main and 2 seasons in cal open the years before that. We were sponsered by maximize but quit after the first seasondue too lie. I like playing in the server and like the people. I havent said a word too anyone tonight except too aic-ciss, who was trying too figure out who was killing hostages and i told him who it was so he could ban them. Im very respectful and im not quite sure what happened tonight but i hope we can have this taken care of. I have never been banned by anyother server
IP/Steam id : "kt| ravens" 171 STEAM_0:0:21134978 0 00:10 85 0

Thank you for your time and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and i am looking forward too hearing back from you.

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